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Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students:

Gage Norman

9th Grader Gage Norman

This is what his teachers said about him:

Gage is very respectful and focuses on his academics. – Mrs. Ponti

Gage comes to my room during lunch every day and is very respectful of his peers. – Mr. Dryer

Gage is always up for a challenge, and exudes a level of quiet excellence and maturity beyond his years. – Mrs. Combs

Academics—Gage is always paying attention and participates in class. He is prepared to learn and does his best every day. – Mrs. Farrell

Gage is a hard working and determined student who always gives his best effort! – Ms. Cwalina

Gage is the model student. He is focused, motivated, and hardworking. – Mr. Meredith


Elijah Carson

10th Grader Elijah Carson

This is what his teachers said about him:

Elijah excelled as a member of All County chorus this month, and is always so kind to everyone. – Mrs. Combs

He is the man! Always says hi when we see each other! – Mr. Gustin

Elijah is always attentive and participates in class. He helps out his partner and makes sure they understand the material. Plus, he has his homework completed on time. – Mrs. Haberreiter


Sara Kelley

11th Grader Sara Kelley

This is what her teachers said about her:

What an amazing student...She is currently on pace to complete three pathway programs, College Prep., Biomedical Science, and Academy of Medicine. This is my second year teaching Sara and I feel spoiled...she and 7 of her Biomedical classmates are on this list! – Mr. King

Sara is a hard working student, always asks questions, perseveres through her work. – Mrs. Wallmark

Sara is a hard worker in earth science and is always on task. She is always prepared and ready to learn. – Mrs. Farrell

I love having Sara Kelley in class. She is always participating with her table group and in tune with what is happening in class! – Mr. V


Tatiana Brooks

12th Grader Tatiana Brooks

This is what her teachers said about her:

Tatiana is the BEST. Her personality makes my class so much more enjoyable :) – Ms. Robison

Tatiana is a hard worker and motivated. – Mrs. Lister

Tatiana always participates in class and helps to involve others in the discussion. – Mr. Dryer

Tatiana excelled as a member of All County chorus this month, and is a strong and confident leader with her actions and words. – Mrs. Combs

Tatiana always has a smile and is a wonderful student to have in class. She works well with others and is always prepared for class. She participates and is a good listener. – Mrs. Farrell

Tatiana is intuitive and has a very unique perspective on education in financial literacy that allows her to make valuable contributions in each class meeting. She is a pleasure to have in class. – Ms. Harris


Three Brothers Italian Restaurant


Special thanks to Three Brother's Prince Frederick for providing lunch to these students.